We are Eternus

Setting a benchmark for accessible homes, in the places people want to live

Enduring lifestyles

We create living spaces where people can thrive and live life on their own terms, with stability and confidence that it will meet their needs for the long-term.

Merging function and style

We’re creating new options where accessibility coexists with exceptional style, incorporating premium design, features and quality, and a tailored approach to diverse accessibility needs.

Community leadership

We have an important role to create new capacity and better-quality in the market for accessible living. We aim to bring better accessible homes to the places people want to live.

Our story so far

Since 2018 we’ve been gathering the essential components to realise a new era in accessible living.

With increasing demand for National Disability Insurance Scheme housing support and an aging population, we recognise that we have an important role to play creating better quality options for accessible living. We believe in more choice, better quality homes and independent lifestyles for people with diverse accessibility needs, and our approach is honed for that objective.

We understand that people want an enduring relationship with the place they live, with stability and confidence that it will meet their needs for the long-term. We share the long view and have developed a unique management model that prioritises long-term value.

Together with our trusted partners, we’ve supported a portfolio of high-quality projects, providing services and gaining valuable insights to inform our strategy.

Through our experience, we identified the key components of an effective integrated management services model and compiled a comprehensive suite of capabilities that engage us at every point of the ongoing property lifecycle. We’ve also gained important insights in the design, quality and features of exceptional accessible homes, including the most desirable community settings, close to amenities and the services people need.

Our strategy gives us direct and enduring interest in our properties, underpinned by an integrated end-to-end service suite that is ready to scale, and an experienced team motivated for positive impact in the community.

We are Eternus. We’re creating a new era of accessible living, setting a benchmark for quality and design, in the places people want to live.

Our experienced leadership team

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Nicole Glazebrook
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Financial Officer
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Hugh Frames
Chief Operating Officer
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Andrew Cooke
Chief Risk Officer
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Dan Crane
Chief Technology Officer