Integrated services, creating exceptional homes

End-to-end operations and control through a network of in-house services, ensuring optimal management and the highest quality.

Our approach gives us direct and enduring interest in our properties, prioritising long-term value. Creating homes that people don’t want to leave.

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Property Development

We factor in accessibility and style from the very beginning of planning, right through to occupancy. The result is exceptional living spaces in the best locations, with stylish design and quality features.

From site identification and acquisition, through concept development, construction and completion, our Property Development practice helps us create homes with flexible options for independent lifestyles.

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Property Management

Beyond construction, we maintain a purposeful involvement in our properties, ensuring we stay responsive to our residents’ evolving needs and the lifestyles they desire.

Spanning tenancy management, building services and Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) Provider services, we aim to nurture living spaces where people can thrive and live life on their own terms.

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Financial Services

Our trusted Financial Services suite underpins the sustainable delivery of our property development and operations ensuring appropriate management of investment and risk. Eternus retains in-house fully accredited teams covering financial advisory, risk and compliance management, investment management, accountancy and tax advisory. Each speciality works both independently and collectively to deliver for our target market, showcasing their deep knowledge and experience in both local Australian and international markets.

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Legal Services

High-quality Legal Services provide Eternus with a crucial assurance foundation, supporting the development and ongoing management of our properties and the services that support them. Legal Services are a key part of our model, helping ensure sustainable operations and robust risk management.

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Technology Services

Technology is a crucial enabler for Eternus and our mission to provide new options and choice for people with diverse accessibility needs. From IT infrastructure through building automation, assistive technologies, interior design features, user experience and emerging sensory innovations, our Technology Services help create living spaces that enable independence with a balance of function and style.