Exceptional properties merging function and style

Developing a growing portfolio of award-winning properties, we are setting a new standard in accessible living

A panoramic view of a coastal city with tall skyscrapers and residential buildings. The cityscape extends along a sandy beach with the ocean in the background. The sky is clear, indicating a sunny day. Notable is a prominent, slender skyscraper on the left.

Desirable locations

With deep local knowledge, we identify the very best property locations, close to amenities, services and community facilities for improved living and independent lifestyles.

In the foreground, a modern high-rise building with large windows overlooks a scenic coastal cityscape. The view includes a mix of other buildings, trees, and waterways under a partly cloudy sky. A river or bay stretches through the urban area, adding a picturesque element.

Stylish design

Homes where function coexists with exceptional style, incorporating premium design, features and quality, and a tailored approach to meeting the needs of our residents.

Aerial view of a modern white apartment building with solar panels on the roof. The building has a rooftop terrace with greenery and a small tree. The ground consists of neatly designed paths and landscaped areas. Other buildings and trees are visible nearby.

Award winning

Properties recognised as best-in-class, where excellent construction and design balances function with style and flexibility to evolve with changing needs.

A brightly lit modern kitchen with white countertops, dark wooden upper cabinets, and light green tile backsplash. It features a stainless-steel sink under a black-framed window and an electric stovetop with built-in stove vent under-cabinet lighting. The flooring is wooden.

Quality features

Exceptional living spaces that bring contemporary style to functional living. From spatial design and refined fixtures, to enabling technologies and communal spaces, all in the most desirable community settings.

Setting a new industry standard

Housing Industry Association Awards logo. A series of diamond shapes in an outlined style making up a motif, with the letters HIA in capitals in the centre.
National winner
Specialised Housing

Housing Industry Association Awards, 2023

Housing Industry Association Awards logo. A series of diamond shapes in an outlined style making up a motif, with the letters HIA in capitals in the centre.
Queensland state winner
Specialised Housing

Housing Industry Association Awards, 2023

Master Builders Queensland logo. Simple 4-sided geometric filled shapes, making up a minimalist depiction of a house. Master Builders appears in large capital letters in and Queensland in smaller capital letters.
Gold Coast winner
Specialist Disability, Aged Care and Nursing Homes

Master Builders Awards, 2023

Housing Industry Association Awards logo. A series of diamond shapes in an outlined style making up a motif, with the letters HIA in capitals in the centre.
Queensland state winner
Specialised Housing

Housing Industry Association Awards, 2022

Housing Industry Association Awards logo. A series of diamond shapes in an outlined style making up a motif, with the letters HIA in capitals in the centre.
Gold Coast winner
Specialised Housing

Housing Industry Association Awards, 2022

An award-winning 5-storey apartment complex, recognised for excellence in design and construction for specialised homes. Located in the desirable heart of vibrant Southport on Queensland’s Gold Coast, this building comprises spacious Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) apartments with private balconies and additional on-site carer accommodation. With a wide variety of amenities and services nearby, residents enjoy a communal roof terrace with entertainment area, media room, and therapy suite, enabling independent living and refined quality of life.

  • A contemporary laundry room features light-coloured stone tiles and white walls. On the left, there is a front-load washing machine beside a countertop with a laundry sink. Above are dark wooden cabinets mounted on the wall. On the right side, there is a white vanity with a sink and cabinet for storage. A large mirror sits above the vanity.
  • A spacious bathroom with grey tile walls and floor. Features include a wall-mounted sink with a large mirror above, a rainfall shower with a curved rail and white curtain, and a white wall on the right side. A window with a cityscape view is visible in the mirror.
  • A modern interior view of a home with white walls and wooden flooring. A hallway leads to a bright living area with large windows and sliding glass doors, offering an outside view. The hallway features a sliding closet door and leads to another room on the right.
  • A spacious outdoor patio features a white ceiling with built-in lighting and sleek light-coloured tiles on the floor. Along one wall is a countertop with built-in cabinets, a sink and a stovetop. The open design overlooks a scenic view with palm trees and light blue sky.
  • A tall multi-story apartment building with large balconies and windows. The development features a combination of white and grey finishes. The foreground displays well-manicured shrubs and trees, while the background shows a partly cloudy sky.

A boutique, 3-storey apartment building, nestled in the heart of peaceful and picturesque Paradise Point on Queensland’s Gold Coast. Featuring spacious Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) apartments, with private outdoor retreats, as well as on-site carer accommodation. Milton Avenue features a charming communal garden and outdoor entertaining area, amenities and lush garden surrounds, with easy access to nearby community facilities and the serene Broadwater coastal esplanade.

  • A modern, multi-story building with a geometric design featuring large rectangular windows and contrasting grey and white exterior walls. Shrubs are visible in the foreground, and the sky is slightly overcast.

Award-winning development with three separate apartment buildings offering a mix of Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) homes and on-site carer accommodation. Located close to the centre of coastal Cleveland, Queensland, Russell Street is designed for optimal laidback living with covered alfresco areas, landscaped courtyards and balconies providing private outdoor retreats, while communal facilities include an outdoor dining and entertainment terrace, a therapy/massage suite, and indoor hydrotherapy spa amidst lush landscaping.

  • A gently sloping outdoor walkway is flanked by white buildings and wooden fences on one side, with small plants in landscaped beds on the other. A metal awning provides partial cover. The sky is clear and blue overhead, ensuring an inviting atmosphere.
  • A modern kitchen with light-coloured cabinets, white countertops, and stainless steel appliances. A potted plant and decorative items adorn the countertops. On the right, an adjacent dining area features a vase with greenery and white wooden chairs. In the left foreground is a grey couch with soft cushions.
  • An aerial view of a residential area featuring two modern, white apartment buildings with solar panels on the roofs. A parked car is visible on the street in the foreground, with trees and houses seen in the background under a clear, blue sky.
  • A clean and bright kitchen with white cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, and wooden accents is adjacent to a dining area with a round table and four metal chairs. A large plant-themed artwork decorates the wall, and the flooring is dark wood.
  • A bright bedroom featuring a bed with white bedding and orange accents, two rattan chairs with cushions by the window, and a small green side table. Large windows allow natural light to fill the room, and there is a mixture of modern and cosy decor elements.
  • A large and spacious shower features dark-grey tiling on the walls and floor, and a white shower curtain partially closed. The stainless-steel showerhead is mounted on the wall with an adjustable handheld shower unit attached.

Our inaugural Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) project is a boutique development featuring two SDA apartments and on-site carer accommodation. Located in close proximity to Broadwater Parklands and central Southport CBD on Queensland’s Gold Coast, residents enjoy a wide variety of amenities and services nearby. Each apartment is equipped with assistive devices, including home-tech and kitchen automation. On the third level, a communal space offers a therapy and media room, as well as an outdoor entertaining terrace.

Second Avenue is nestled among the sophisticated residences, stylish shopping precincts and relaxed atmosphere of Broadbeach on Queensland’s Gold Coast. Development approved and currently in construction planning, this 16-storey tower is designed to seamlessly blend premium residential apartments with exceptional Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) homes. With integrated communal facilities including lounge, co-working space, gym, therapy/massage suite, outdoor entertaining terrace and pool, this upcoming property is helping define the Eternus standard for stylish accessible living.

The latest in our portfolio, Queen Street is located conveniently on the edge of central Southport on Queensland’s Gold Coast, with two 7-storey towers providing captivating views of waterways and hinterland. Development approved, Queen Street features spacious Disability Accommodation (SDA) apartments, SDA-rated Short-Term Accommodation (STA) and on-site carer accommodation, combining great design with flexible options for contemporary urban living. Communal facilities include exercise room, therapy suite, amenities, garden and entertaining spaces while public services and amenities are in convenient proximity.

  • A digital rendering of a multi-story apartment building with large windows and well-lit balconies. Two people are conversing near the entrance, and a white car is parked in front. The street in the foreground is lined with green grass and trees, with a blue sky in the background.
  • A digital rendering of a multi-story apartment building with large balconies and glass railings. The structure features vertical lines and a combination of light and dark exterior colours. The landscape includes greenery and a clear blue sky in the background.