Christie Cooper Eternus

Christie Cooper

Chief People Officer

Christie Cooper boasts over two decades of experience leading best-in-class global teams. As CPO, she plays a pivotal role in co-leading Eternus, overseeing the People and Culture team where she wields her expertise to shape, influence, and implement people strategy, operations, compliance, and company culture – all aimed at cultivating a high-functioning, supportive, engaged, and healthy work environment for every member of the organisation.

Previously, Christie served as the Group Head of People at Josephmark, where she provided invaluable guidance to the senior leadership team. Her contributions included coaching executives and crafting the company’s inaugural People strategy. Additionally, she was Head of People & Culture at Qubik, where she worked closely with the Founder/CEO to establish a comprehensive team-wide infrastructure. Her extensive background also includes serving as HR Director at Pandemic/Electronic Arts on a global scale and working as an HR Consultant for various national businesses, assisting them in achieving their company objectives and operational excellence.

Christie’s illustrious career is characterised by her multifaceted expertise, spanning leadership, coaching, mediation, and human resource management. She has consistently demonstrated her ability to propel organisations forward, whether through adeptly managing change, overseeing IPOs and acquisitions, building high-performing teams, or nurturing and sustaining a culture of engagement.

Throughout her career, Christie has remained resolutely committed to delivering exceptional results for companies through their most valuable asset – their people.